Investment Management

Itineris Financial Advisors also offers services to assist you with the on-going management of your investment assets. When you hire us in this role, we partner with you to design and implement a portfolio that reflects your unique financial objectives. We do not use cookie cutter portfolios or asset allocation programs created for everyone; instead, we personally design a customized portfolio tailored to your unique needs and we make on-going adjustments to your portfolio to keep you moving toward your goals.

Itineris considers a broad range of asset classes for inclusion into your customized investment allocation. We think this type of diversification helps to reduce risk over the long term. But diversification is not just about risk reduction; it’s about capturing opportunity! Investment research conducted over several decades suggests that the majority of returns available from investing are determined by the types of assets that you choose for your portfolio. We employ a research driven process to select the asset classes which we think may offer the best opportunity for favorable long-term returns. We then incorporate this research into developing a portfolio customized to your goals.

Through LPL Financial, the largest independent broker dealer in the US (as reported in Financial Planning Magazine 1996-2011 based on total revenues), we can choose from a broad array of non-proprietary investment products, rather than being limited to a limited menu of ”in-house”  products. This independence ensures alignment with the interests of our clients and allows us to choose investments from a very wide and diverse universe of options.

Our investment process balances your need for a consultative approach to considering a new investment strategy with the limited time people often have available to think about investment matters:

Evaluation Phase
Discuss Goal(s) and Time Horizon for Investment Capital
Review Current Portfolio
Discuss Your Risk Tolerance
Time: 90 minutes
Recommendation Phase
Discuss Recommended Investment Strategy
Review and Finalize Recommended Investment Allocation
One to Two Weeks After First Meeting
Time: 60 minutes
Portfolio Implementation
Implement Recommended Investment Sales and Purchases
Within 24 Hours of Your approval
Ongoing Portfolio Management
Assess progress in implementing recommendations
Quarterly Performance Reviews (In Person or Telephone)
Time: 30 minutes


Ongoing Portfolio Adjustments

The design of your portfolio is just the start of our investment management services. We actively monitor your investment accounts and keep you informed on a quarterly basis about your progress. Most importantly, we adjust your portfolio on a regular basis – usually several times throughout the calendar year. We have found that we can improve opportunities to enhance long-term performance by adjusting your asset allocation on an ongoing basis. To make these decisions, we follow a structured and disciplined process that regularly looks at valuations across the investment spectrum and macroeconomic variables that may impact long-term performance.

Feeling anxious or uncertain about your investments? Schedule a free consultation and get more confidence in your portfolio.