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To Lose Patience Is to Lose The Battle

April 11th, 2022|

When I think about these first three months of 2022, the word patience comes to mind. The recent two-year anniversary of Covid-19 hitting our shores reminds me of the havoc and disruption that the pandemic imposed on our lives, but more importantly how so many people overcame the hardships [...]

Is The High Rate of Inflation Near Its Peak?

April 1st, 2022|

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the February Consumer Price Index (CPI) data on March 10th, showing headline CPI climbed 0.8% month-over-month while core CPI, which excludes volatile food and energy prices, rose 0.5% month-over-month, both around consensus estimates. The one-year increase in headline CPI, at 7.9%, is the [...]

Could Inflation Deflate Your Mid Life Career Pivot?

March 25th, 2021|

The Possibility of Higher Inflation Rates What’s up with inflation? Over the past several weeks, you have probably noticed widespread news coverage about the risks of rising prices in 2021 and ultimately higher inflation rates potentially for years ahead. The recent publicity about higher prices has been as sudden [...]

A Recession Is Here

April 16th, 2020|

The economy has halted for the past several weeks, and with it the longest economic expansion ever has ended, meaning we are now in a recession. What makes this recession unique is the government intentionally brought it on, with the chances for an economic bounce back later this year high [...]

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